The Joy of spring. The agony of weather.

With the spring comes the hope of a new season. Trees bloom, vineyards push new shoots and fields are planted in tomatoes and cotton.


There is just something beautiful about a newly planted field. The dark soil and the smell of freshly plowed earth is stimulating. Send the new plants planted in the ground or coming up through the earth from seeds makes me feel alive and part of the earth.


It is nice to see the workers back out in the fields. Farmers are so thankful that there are people willing to do this hard and hot work and the people are grateful to be able to have the work.

But with the hope of a new spring there is always the possibility of a pending disaster. All of those that work in agriculture know that the promise that the fields hold will live and die by the weather. Too little rain, too much rain; wind, Frost, hail, floods could strike at any moment.

One of the farmers I work with experienced bad hail damage this year. The new shoots in some of his vineyards were stripped of their leaves and developing clusters.


Not much for the plant doctors to do. The only cure for this problem this time and a little hope. In a few weeks never leaves will push out and hopefully some of those leaves will develop new fruit  clusters. But there won’t be the same amount of fruit as it would have been before the hail. This is very sad to see but something farmers everywhere have to deal with.

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