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Careers in Ag, they are a plenty!

A recent post on the Yahoo Education site claimed that the number 1 useless college major was Agriculture. This caused quite a stir on my Facebook wall from all my friends involved in agriculture. The statistics that were used to make such a claim were very narrow and misleading to say the least. There are certainly plenty of people out there with degrees in the Ag Sciences and other Ag related majors that have jobs. One post in rebuttal even pointed out that the website posts plenty of new jobs every month. From my point of view, just focusing on Ag related majors when looking to jobs in Ag isn’t even looking at the full picture.

I work in Ag and I don’t have an Ag degree. My B.S. degree is in Zoology. You can get qualified to get a State Pest Control Adviser license in California with a degree in Biological Sciences. To see what education requirements are needed there is a great summary at Sure there are plenty of careers and jobs in Ag that don’t need an Ag degree but many are easier to get with one. The article seemed to focus on farm management jobs and noted that the number of these jobs were falling. That is a reasonable assumption since the number of farms in this country is falling but that doesn’t take into account all the support related jobs that goes to making sure all those farms run smoothly. Soil and plant sciences, animal nutritionists, Ag engineers to help manage soil and water resources, irrigation specialists, mechanics, chemists, veterinarians, etc, etc. Many of these are specialized Ag Degrees which are indeed, not useless.

I know for a fact that agriculture related fields are looking to hire well qualified people. Education and training is a must. If you are thinking you would like a career working with nature and the great outdoors, consider ag. Great things are happening throughout the industry.