What Dragons do you need to train?

In my attempt to keep the TV off last night to avoid getting sucked into election nonsense, I watched a movie called “How to Train Your Dragon”. Cute movie about a boy who lives in a village the is beset by monstrous dragons that kill people and steal livestock. In his attempt to become a “real viking” and earn the title of “dragon killer” he wounds a dragon and in the process of trying to kill it, looks it in the eye and then can’t bring himself to kill it. When asked why he couldn’t he said “it looked as scared as I was, he look like me”. The story went on the show the boy getting to know the dragon, and visa versa, and then they worked together to destroy a common enemy. The eventually got all the people and dragons working together.

This was an interesting movie to watch on election night. I can see that all of us, regardless of class, race, political party, urban, rural, whatever, all want the same thing. We want security, happiness, joy, peace, etc. We want to live our lives the way we want and provide for our families. We want to know that the things we have now will be available for future generations. But when we look at someone who seems to be attacking the things we hold dear, we see DRAGONS to be fought and killed. We don’t bother to get to know them or to try to get them to know us. We don’t see that they have as much passion for the things they hold dear as we do about the things we hold dear. We focus on differences and therefore, cannot see the commonality of our shared humanity.

How do we train our dragons instead of trying to kill them? This is a paradigm shift in how we look at issues and people. When we look at those who we think are against us, look at them and know that you are looking at yourself. The foundation of what we all want, what is behind all of our dreams and desires are the same things. Even the dreams and desires that motivate those who do evil against us are really the same. We are all afraid that we will not have enough to give to our families, to have the job we want, to build the business we want, to have the health we want, to keep that which we have built and pass it on. We all fear the same thing. We all have that common enemy to fight. But instead of fighting that enemy we turn on each other because our view of how we see that enemy is different and therefore we think we are fighting different things.

People like to turn to the Bible to give reasons for their actions and beliefs. Well, take a look at 2 Corinthians 9:8. “And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work”. God will give you everything, in ABUNDANCE. There is no exception clause. The Bible says “Ask and it is given” (Luke 11:9). What are you asking for? And when you ask for it, do you allow it to come to know by knowing, without a shadow of a doubt that God will provide you with that blessing, in abundance, or do you push it away but continuing to tell the story of how you do not have it?

We all want the same things. We have all been given access to all that we want. So why are we all so intent on fighting each other over the things we already can have. Why not just go out and claim it?

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