Do you read the label?

There are many home chemical products we all use without giving them a second thought. Many are actually categorized as pesticides, such as many antibacterial agents, bleach, and others. When was the last time you actually read the labels on these products. Did you know there was a poison warning on toothpaste? Do you always follow the mixing instructions when refilling your products from a concentrate? Or do you just pour some in and fill the rest of the bottle with water and assume “a bit more will be better anyway”? Do you read that label on the bug spray you are using in your kitchen or garden? Farmers and their pest control professionals must have a license to use pesticides on the farm. Every year they must take classes and attend seminars to keep up-to-date on what is new for products, safety, environment issues, etc. Label requirements are more that must how much product to use but what safety equipment the people doing the spraying must wear, what environmental hazards to look out for, what hazards may be present for surrounding crops or even those that may be planted next year and more. There are also state regulations to take into account. For farmers, using pesticides is much more complex than buying a can of Raid off the shelf and using how ever you want. There are many more homeowners than farmers. If homeowners are using pesticides without reading the label, taking safety factors into consideration, or even following dosing instructions, which group do you feel is doing more harm to our environment? How careful are you?

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