Do you choose the things you support?

People seem to have a lot of ideas on how things should done. If we make decisions on how business should be conducted, do we then have the obligation to support those businesses if they comply? If you want your food to be grown organically, pesticide free (those two things are not the same, by-the-way), with labor paid good wages and benefits, livestock cage free and running free on the range, etc, then do you make purchases accordingly? What are your priorities when you are making purchases? Do you choose first based on your “moral” preferences or do you consider price and value first? As we know, the majority of consumers go for price and value and if it then fits their “moral” standards, they consider that a bonus. Should it be any different for a farmer making a choice on how he should grow his crops? We all share the same environment and resources. The choices a farmer makes affects more than just his crops and his land. Same thing with the consumers at the other end of the line. Your choices on what you buy affects many other things, all the way back to all of those people who participated in producing it. Remember that Americans pay a lower percentage of their disposable income on food than any other developed country. We like things cheap. We are the consumers that are always going after the best deal, latest sale, lowest price. But if we demand certain things from those that produce those products that continue to increase the cost of production, is the constant search for the best and lowest price really what we should be after?

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